Ray Dalio Brilliantly Explains the BIG DEBT Catastrophe | Signs of Collapse ??

BJ Klock
BJ Klock

Ray Dalio Brilliantly Explains The Big Debt Catastrophe and goes into detail explaining :
1) How Debt works ?
2) What are the implications of extensive Money- Printing policies for the Stock Market during this cycle. The topic is particularly relevant in todayโ€™s economic environment with interest rates at all-time lows, and Stock Market near all time high.

Raymond Dalio is an American billionaire investor. He founded the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, in 1975. The firm serves institutional clients including pension funds, endowments, foundations, foreign governments, and central banks with $140 billion under management. Ray has also written the 2017 book "Principles: Life & Work" about investment philosophy and corporate management.

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Ray Dalio Brilliantly Explains The Big Debt Catastrophe

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