Libianca - People (Lyrics) I've been drinking more alcohol for the past five days

BJ Klock
BJ Klock

This is a new Lyrics video of a TikTok song called: People by Libianca. It's at the moment viral on TikTok as: I've been drinking more alcohol for the past five days did you check for me now did you look for me. I'd really like this song so I wanted to upload a full lyrics version of it on this channel to share it with you guys.

This song on spotify:

All of Libianca songs has a lot of vibes! Perfect for listening while laying down on your bed or just relaxing. This song is extremely viral on TikTok at the moment so it finally gets it's deserved views. All credits goes to Libianca. I hope y'all like this song.

All credits goes to Libianca, support her!


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Unovee 11 days ago

This is a great song the lyrics are on point !!

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